Buyers Guide

When shopping for a hoverboard we want to make sure you get the correct one for your needs. We have an ever growing range of hoverboards in our store but we try to keep our selection as straight forward as possible so as to not confuse our customers. All of our boards come with a carrier bag so you can pack up your board on throw it in your car or take it on public transport or whatever the case maybe be. 

6.5 Inch Wheel Hoverboard:

Our most popular hoverboard is the 6.5 inch hoverboard. This is the perfect board for indoor use and it can also be used outdoor on smooth surfaces such as tarmac. This board can take up to 100kg so it is perfect for children and adults under this weight. This board is very lightweight and easy to carry around when not in use. We have two options for this size board.

We have the classic option and the LED Bluetooth option. The classic option has LED lights under the grip pad on the board but not on top ot the wheels. The Bluetooth LED 6.5 Inch hoverboard has LED lights on top of the wheels and also a built in speaker so you can listen to your music as you go!


Off Road Hoverboards:

As the name suggest these boards are designed for off road use and can be used over rough terrain. The max load on this boards is 120kg so they can also take teenagers to large adults. These boards come with a smart app which you can install on your phone showing the speed, distance and battery of the hoverboard. These also come with a remote control and built in Bluetooth speakers so you can play music as you travel. 


This is a new addition to the hoverboard family. The hoverkart allows you to make your hoverboard into a go kart. You can attach your hoverboard to the hoverekart and sit in it controlling it like a go kart. We recommend you check out the videos to see how cool this it on the hoverkart product pages here